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We thank you for having chosen the University of Tartu Fitness Club as your sports club!

Our facilities include a gym, an athletics hall and group classes for you in one of our halls.

Fitnessclub is located in Ujula 4 and is open Mon – Fri from 7 am – 10 pm, Sat-Sun 8 am-10 pm

During national holidays the opening times are 9am-6pm

Sports club is closed every 1st of January.

The fitness-club includes:
  • Group exercising classes listed on the schedule (
  • Gym on three floors (1st floor free weights, 2nd and 3rd floor weight and cardio machines)
  • 8 rowing machines in the athletics hall
  • Athletics hall for jogging and stretching (during competitions or other events the usage may be limited)

With any questions and concerns contact Ivika Värton, Manager of the Fitness-club:
GSM: +372 56 478 117

Schedule and online registration

For information about group classes, check our schedule ( but first please go through the following about registration to the classes:

After you have purchased a pass to the fitness club, you can register to the classes online or, unless full, on the spot before class – online registration is not required. It simply gives you the opportunity to reserve a spot.

After you receive the password, you can log on and change your password under the Minu profiil (My profile) section.

  • To register, you have to have a valid pass.
  • You can begin to register 2 days prior to the day of the class.
  • Classes marked with “V” are available for registration
  • Classes marked with the LOCK-sign are full, already closed for registration or not yet opened for registration.
  • For canceling, click “X”
  • If it is not possible to come to class, one has to cancel the class at least 2 hours before the class starts, but please be careful with canceling your registration on the day of the class. If you have canceled the class on the day the class is held 5 times in a row, you will lose your right of online registration for 30 days (but can still participate and come to classes if there is availability).
  • If you haven’t arrived on time, your place to class will be automatically canceled 5 minutes before the class starts (based on our system’s time).
  • After you have failed to cancel the class 3 times in a row during the period of 30 days, you lose the right of online registration for 30 days as well (but can still participate in classes if there is availability, and use our facilities).
  • Online, one can register to 1 class per day, but if there is availability and free space you can get from front desk the check to the second class as well. You can have 2 active registrations in the same time.

Information about our classes:

Trimmi keha ja vaim
  • Body and Mind classes like Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Therapeutic conditioning
  • Classes marked with green in the schedule are suitable for everyone
Lihtsalt trimmi
  • Low aerobic classes like Fatburning (Rasvapõletus), Circuit training (Ringtreening), Body Step
  • Those are simpler aerobics classes where you maintain a lower pulse for aerobic exercising. However, some coordination is needed.
Jõud ja lihas
  • Body conditioning classes like BODYPUMP®, Arms, Butt and Tummy (Käed Kõht Tuhar)
  • Suitable for everyone regardless of age or earlier experience in aerobics
Tantsides vormi
  • Dance classes like Dance aerobics, HipHop, Latin dancing, Freestyle, Strip aerobics
  • These classes are for the people who like good music and movement. Come and enjoy – you’ll be a dancing queen soon enough!
Koordinatsioon ja võhm
  • Coordination and aerobic performance – classes like Combo, BOSU, Aeromix, Easy Step, Kickbox aerobics – these will give you an adrenaline kick and whole body exercise. However, some earlier experience won’t hurt.

If you have any questions regarding registration or classes, feel free to contact me at

See you in classes!

Season 2020/2021 prices

One time pass 10 time pass Monthly pass 3 month pass 6 month pass 12 month pass
Price 7,50 € 42 € 42 € 105 € 170 € 290 €
Price for University of Tartu students* 35 €
Price for regular clients** 35 € 90 € 155 € 260 €
Price morning/weekend*** 5,50 € 32 € 32 € 75 € 135 € 230 €
Morning/weekend for University of Tartu students* 25 €
Morning/weekend for regular clients** 65 € 120 € 200 €

* Price for the students of the University of Tartu
** Regular client is a client who has had a valid pass at least for 181 days. Regular clients have the right to register to classes 3 days before the class is due, other clients can register 2 days prior to the class
*** Morning/weekend pass gives access to the facilities Mon-Fri 7.00-15.00 and Sat-Sun 7.00-22.00

  • Monthly pass is valid for 30 days
  • 10 time pass is valid for 60 days
  • 3 month pass is valid for 91 days
  • 6 month pass is valid for 183 days
  • 12 month pass is valid for 365 days

All clients need to purchase a fitness club card costing 3,20 euros (refundable after returning the card) or use a valid Estonian ID-card

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